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🔍Read Full Article New Discovery: Mar Mar Copenhagen

New Discovery: Mar Mar Copenhagen

0 Comments 🕔11:11, 31.Mar 2015

MarMar Copenhagen designs cool and stylish kids wear. The unique design of MarMar Copenhagen is characterized by contrasts: Country-chic and urban coolness, old and new, luxurious and functional. It is these contradictions which make the clothes unique and enable you to use it in a variety of ways. It is possible to create looks suitable for everything from a “classy birthday party” to being “cool at the skate court”. The SS15 collection by MarMar Copenhagen reads

🔍Read Full Article Spot on: Little Creative Factory New SS15 Collection

Spot on: Little Creative Factory New SS15 Collection

0 Comments 🕔12:09, 09.Mar 2015

One of my favorite Brands, Little Creative Factory creates garments inspired by its philosophy of “slow manufacture”- garments that mix and match in a truly unique style. The brand combines simple designs and cuts, using unique patterns and fabrics, to make exquisite limited editions, designed and produced entirely in Barcelona. Comfort as a key element both for babies, kids, teens and adults and added details create a garment that can be worn with ease. Fabrics

🔍Read Full Article Spot on: New MOI SS15

Spot on: New MOI SS15

0 Comments 🕔10:14, 06.Mar 2015

The new summer Collection of the Scandinavian Brand MOI has been released and looks as always cool. Urban style and comfortable look for its little fans. Black, Grey, Yellow and Blue the basic colors and there is always a follow through look and print of Black the Raven and the birds. You can see the Collection here. The range includes Tank Tops and T-Shirts, the successful design of the Baggy Pants in various colours, lovely bodysuits for

🔍Read Full Article Guess who is coming for breakfast?

Guess who is coming for breakfast?

0 Comments 🕔14:46, 24.Feb 2015

We have already presented you the bright summer collection of BOBO CHOSES titled "Guess who is coming for breakfast" in this post but now that we have received all the designs amd had a closer look in the prints and fabrics, we just loved it. I think it is probably the best summer the collection of BOBO CHOSES so far. Bright, bold fun colors and prints that you want to have all. Of

🔍Read Full Article Our Picks from Playtime Paris Fall 2015

Our Picks from Playtime Paris Fall 2015

1 Comment 🕔10:22, 04.Feb 2015

We returned from Paris after our "established visit" at Playtime Paris, one of the biggest celebration of children's fashion as known brands and buyers meet to define the "shopping windows " of the next season. And I have already started gathering all my photo material which is of course infinite but I can not wait to show you some pictures. Here one of the central projections with large flying boxes in a variety of colors and

🔍Read Full Article Spot on: New Noe & Zoe SS15 Circus Collection

Spot on: New Noe & Zoe SS15 Circus Collection

0 Comments 🕔08:53, 23.Jan 2015

I love Noe & Zoe for its bold neon colors, the simple design lines that offer freedom to our little ones and the quality of the fabrics its choose depending on the season. In their collections every time they present clothes for babies and children up to 8 years, sleeping accessories such as blankets and sleeping bags. Here and here you can see some more of Noe & Zoe, but today I am thrilled because

🔍Read Full Article Spot on – New SS15 BOBO CHOSE collection

Spot on – New SS15 BOBO CHOSE collection

0 Comments 🕔09:04, 15.Jan 2015

Στιγμή κορυφαία της δουλειάς μου όταν στην είσοδο του γραφείου με περιμένει μία μεγάλη κούτα με άγνωστο τις περισσότερες φορές περιεχόμενο, πλην των περιπτώσεων που φέρει αυτοκόλλητη ταινία με τυπωμένο το όνομα της μάρκας. Έτσι όταν πριν από δύο ημέρες εμφανίστηκε το πρώτο από τα δύο κιβώτια που περιμένω από την Ισπανία χαμογέλασα: «Guess who is coming for Breakfast?» One of the top moments of my work is when in the entrance of my office I

🔍Read Full Article Spot on: Alice on Board SALES

Spot on: Alice on Board SALES

0 Comments 🕔12:06, 12.Jan 2015

Η περίδος των εκπτώσεων έχει ήδη ξεκινήσει δυναμικά και το Alice on Board έχει να παρουσιάσει μερικές SUPER προτάσεις από μοναδικές μάρκες που ξεχωρίζουν. Οι εκπτώσεις ποικίλουν από τις κολεξιόν και σε ορισμένες περιπτώσεις φθάνουν το -60%. Εδώ μπορείτε να δείτε όλες τις εκπτωτικές προτάσεις και αν επιλέξετε την κολεξιόν (AW:φθινόπωρο/χειμώνας ή SS: Άνοιξη/Καλοκαίρι) αλλά και το μέγεθος που σας ενδιαφέρει. Εμείς επιλέξαμε εδώ μερικές προτάσεις που ξεχωρίζουν από την φετινή κολεξιόν Φθινόπωρο/Χειμώνας 2014 και τις

🔍Read Full Article Spot on – Animalesque

Spot on – Animalesque

0 Comments 🕔10:24, 09.Jan 2015

I adore dressing up and so do the girls who chase each other around in ballet, princess or animals costumes. And of course my favorite time of the year is the Carnival in my home town Patras. So when Ι first discovered some days ago, Animalesque I just fall in love with it. But what it is? Animalesque (wonderfeul name by the way) is a unique and independent costume brand founded and designed by Sara

🔍Read Full Article Spot on: H&M teams up with UNICEF

Spot on: H&M teams up with UNICEF

0 Comments 🕔14:19, 29.Oct 2014

For the last five years, H&M is teaming up with the United Nations Fund for Children by creating "All for Children", a collection sold worldwide. The purpose is to donate 25% of profits to the eponymous UNICEF project which aims to improve children's access to education and health care quality. Until today more than 750,000 children have been benefited by this cooperation. Για τα τελευταία 5 χρόνια, το H&M συνεργάζεται με το Διεθνή Οργανισμό Χρηματοδότησης προς

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